Saturday, December 11, 2010

Paul Biya - Fru Ndi Friendship out in the OPEN! Kah Walla only opposition left in CAMEROON!

For many years, it has been suspected that there is some sort of friendship tie between Paul Biya and Ni Fru Ndi of the former opposition party, the SDF, that goes beyond the use of proxies.

This was confirmed during Biya's recent visit to Bamenda this week.

After keeping Mr Ndi and a bunch of Fons waiting for him under a tarpaulin, Biya finally got to shake hands publicly with the head of the SDF. With that single handshake, it became clear that the SDF is in league with the ruling regime's CPDM. The line has been blurred between the SDF and CPDM. Elements of both parties are now officially and publicly interchangeable.

Some backroom deals and concessions have been made. But what deals and at what price to democracy in Cameroon. The disenfranchised and those who hope for better access to clean drinking water or healthcare facilities must have been very saddened seeing the ease with which the former opposition party leader, Mr Fru Ndi, was tamed.

Kah Walla was right to have slammed the door in Fru Ndi's face. It took courage and foresight to do that. It is that kind of visionary leader Cameroon needs to move forward, and not people who cheer Biya on even after they have lost cherished ones because of the poor state of infrastructure in the country after 28 years of Biya's regime.

Fru Ndi and Paul Biya may enjoy the spoils of the wealth that rightfully belongs to all Cameroonians. But in 2011, that will all change. Each and every Cameroonian should register to vote. We need a young dynamic and articulate leader to point the country in the right direction.

Fru Ndi and Paul Biya have proven at last, they are one and the same, the hope for progress in 2011 in Cameroon now rests solidly on one candidate, Ms. KAH WALLA.

She will bring much needed transparency in government, tar the Ring Road, appoint a Rector for the Bamenda University, establish the deep seaport in Limbe and put an end to practices that continue under the Biya regime such as breast ironing of young girls or female genital mutilation.
"Run Kah, Run..."
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  1. stop day dreaming my friend,.kah wallah is still to understand cameroon politics/.give peace a chance

  2. I wonder what your take on this is. No one is advocating violence as you imply by saying "give peace a chance".
    I guess the broader question is who will keep the government in check when the one who was supposed to do it in the past - Fru Ndi, joins forces with the ruling CPDM. Watch as the rate of resignations from the SDF rises in the coming months.
    Kah Walla not only criticizes shortcomings in the Biya regime's style, she actually comes up with concrete proposals.
    Thanks for posting anyways...


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